Signdance Collectives work in major New European publication 

Re- SDC’s production of Carthage / Cartagena is written by Caridad Svich,

 Carthage was developed  by the cast –

Lionel Macauley Isolte Avila Angelina Schwammerlin and David Bower and initially produced by Jane Jutsum and Isolte Avila  with directorial and dramaturgical  development by -Pedro De Senna Joke Menssink Barbara Bulatovic  Ornella D’Agostino and Goro Osojnik 

This ground-breaking piece of Signdance Theatre Sdc’s pioneering art form,features in this exciting new publication about European Theatre.

The work Carthage/Cartagena  was funded by Arts Council England Arts Council Wales Graz Culture and Austrian Cultural Arts.

Carthage received critical acclaim internationally and now is one of the main topics in this exciting European publication by Kasia Lech .Carthage Link –

 -The  book is in production now! It already has excellent reviews! It should be out in April:

This rozdział/chapter focuses on multilingual dramaturgies created over prolonged periods across multiple locations with different languages and people: Rimini Protokoll’s project 100% City, SignDance Collective International’s 2017 production of Carthage/Cartagena by Caridad Svich, and Anne Bérélowitch’s directorial and training practices that facilitate multilingual acting dramaturgies.

These works re-evoke tropes mentioned in previous sections, but on a very different scale, magnified through their years- and decades-long, deeply translocal, porous, nomadic, and transtemporal processes.

This creation and re-performing of dramaturgies across diverse languages and contexts repeatedly interrogates habitual modes for seeing a difference. It also involves various communities in cocreating new paradigms of otherness underpinned by gość-inność.

The interviews provide specific examples of these processes and show how the dramaturgies reimagine Europe(s) into a democratic and inclusive web of translocal connections which escapes geopolitical borders of the continent. 


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