The sun was shining on Artsfest, our annual celebration of creativity and talent at the RGS. Visitors enjoyed walking through the large art exhibition set up in the Sixth Form Centre, ranging from Year 7 ink drawings, Year 8 cardboard models and even Year 9 stop motion animations on the large screen. The exhibition included impressive work from the current GCSE and A Level students who demonstrated an extraordinary dedication to the subject. The variety and quality of work from all of our students delighted and surprised those who attended. Our new Junior Arts Ambassadors encouraged creative participation with an interactive graffiti wall and even created special effects injury makeup on attendees – a real sight to see! 

On the main stage, Music and English had a jam packed line up of musical and artistic talent. We were treated to poetry readings from Year 7 to Year 12, each one grabbing the attention of the audience and performing a mixture of original and celebrated work. The readings were interspersed with toe tapping performances from rock bands and several solo performances. If that wasn’t enough, we were treated to classic songs such as Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’, from attendees competing in our very popular karaoke competition. Providing refreshment, the wonderful PTA kept our energy levels up with delicious barbeque food, cakes and Pimms! As Artsfest drew to a close, visitors left brimming with inspiration and immensely proud of the talent at the RGS.

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