Connecting through music: Helping students with anxiety and mental health difficulties to feel supported – Chiltern Music Therapy – (CPD)

An interactive introduction to using music as a therapeutic tool, and supporting the mental health needs of students. Learn how to identify triggers and plan a music activity that supports young people in looking after their own mental health using music. We’ll explore one receptive and one creative music therapy approach to help you feel inspired, confident and motivated to use music more widely, as a part of your existing support to students.

CPD Session Objectives or Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this session, you will be able to plan and deliver a music activity that supports student well-being.

CPD Session Leader/s: Rosie Axon

With a previous career in the live music industry, Rosie trained and qualified as a Music Therapist in 2010. She went on to work in the NHS, and the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability. Seeing the transformative power that music therapy had, ignited a passion for ensuring Music Therapy could be provided to anyone, anywhere, and Rosie founded Chiltern Music Therapy in 2011. Chiltern is a non-profit and employee owned organisation, and has grown to a team of 50 working across England. She is also a Partner for the Health and Care Professions Council and co-founded Axon Black, a facilitation company and The Corporate Prescribers, an organisation which works to improve employee happiness.

Chiltern Music Therapy

Established in 2011, our award-winning organisation is dedicated to improving physical and mental health and well-being across all ages, through pioneering music therapy services. We aim to improve learning, cognition, speech, emotional well-being, and motor skills, while reducing social isolation and enhancing quality of life for individuals ranging from 24 weeks to 98 years old.

Our team consists of Master’s level qualified therapists, all registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT).  We address complex needs such as autism, dementia, brain injuries, and more through individual and group therapy sessions, along with community music groups.

Our services are delivered in a variety of settings, including care homes, community centres, healthcare facilities, and schools. They include bespoke Music Therapy and Neurologic Music Therapy® for individuals with brain injuries and neuro-disabilities, in both acute and long-term care. Additionally, we offer Community Music Services, aimed at providing essential support to people of all ages referred to us via social prescribing link officers, enhancing our outreach within the community.