Creativity to aid thinking – practical strategies for an inclusive Curriculum

This CPD session will focus on creative visual activities that can be used across the curriculum such as English, Maths and Science to support learners. As teachers we are aware that students have a range of learning styles, but are not always confident in supporting these needs. During this workshop teachers will learn how to support learners by using the visual arts such drawing, collage and animation, as a thinking tool. No Art experience needed.

CPD Session Objectives or Leaning Outcomes:

  • To learn how we remember and retain information
  • To learn simple creative strategies that can used to increase engagement and aid learning.

CPD Session Leader/s: Katie Kiss

Katie Kiss is head of Art at Aspire Ap. She has taught for 12 years, with 6 years in Alternative Provision. She has planned creative opportunities across Aspire to increase engagement and aid progress, creating links across subjects. She has contributed to numerous education events including, the ‘Culturally Responsive Communities’ event for educators at Waddeson Manor in 2022, as well as creating online art lessons for Oak Academy.  She is keen to show teachers the power of creativity in the classroom, in supporting SEN and improving self-esteem.

Aspire AP

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