Young Creative Bucks CEP

Young Creative Bucks is a Cultural Education Partnership, we work collaboratively with organisations  including local government, schools, youth organisations, higher education, health and social care, trusts and foundations, arts, heritage, and the creative industries.

Our vision is for every young person in Bucks to have an equal opportunity to access arts and culture, to fulfill their creative curiosity, develop their talent and to discover, explore and pursue career opportunities into the creative industries.

We work hard to embed a culture of collaboration, connectivity and sharing to enrich schools access to creative industries and cultural organisations to benefit as many young people as possible.

Our Values

Connect & Communicate

Connecting organisations, schools, and young people wherever possible through projects and collaborative working. Ensuring the highest possible standard of communication with all groups and through all channels.

Listen & Advocate

We will take every step to listen to the needs and aspirations of all our beneficiaries, taking time to understand and reflect. Taking appropriate action, and supporting them in the right ways, advocating views, and voices with the permission of the person/group involved.

Be Innovative

We will be innovative in the ways we approach projects and collaborations. Making every effort to think creatively and find new ways of working which will increase our capacity, and efficiency to support our partners and beneficiaries.

Collaborate & Share

We will endeavour to lead the way in creating collaborations and bring different organisations together for a common goal and to learn from one another. We will also take time to share arts and cultural opportunities and events from around the county that young people and schools can engage with. We will also strive to make it easier for young people to share and celebrate their creative work and talents.

Be Creative, Think Creatively

Creativity is at the heart of what we do. We will ensure that we find new ways to be creative as an organisation, support young people to be creative, support schools to deliver creativity through all their subjects, support schools to connect with arts and culture organisations creatively, and promote creativity wherever possible.