My SEND Creative Career Journey – Bryony Moss – (Short Talk)

My talk will be about entering the creative industries as a disabled person, including how I have overcome many obstacles within the education system.

Short Talk Session Objectives or Learning Outcomes:

Tips for how educators can help their students with additional needs access the creative industries.

Short Talk Session Leader/s: Bryony Moss

Hello my name is Bryony I am 24 years old. I live in the UK with my parents, sister and our pets.

I am an Actor, Model, Blogger, Influencer and a Disability and Mental Health Advocate.

I enjoy going horse riding every Monday morning with my local Riding for the Disabled Association Group. The horses, ponies,volunteers,riding instructors and grooms are all wonderful. One day I would have to have my own horse. (

Back in 2004 I was diagnosed with a condition called cerebral palsy of the right hemiplegia. Ever since then I’ve been having lot of medical appointments throughout my life. My school life was hard due to being bullied for a very long time but my family was amazing!

In 2013 on a warm sunny day after my mum and I had come back from the garden centre, I was eating my lunch and then had a fit. Since that day I have been on this journey finding out what type of fits I have; some doctors thought it was epileptic, others not. Now I know I have dissociative seizures. Through this journey I have been diagnosed with other mental health conditions, such as PTSD, anxiety and depression. I was with CAMHS and The Early Intervention Service I am now with Adult Mental Health. Through my on going journey to recovery I have found a love for photography. Photography really helps me to stay in the here and now. Photography is definitely a very helpful resource I have found to also express my feelings through just using images for when I cannot express my thoughts and feelings verbally.


Instagram: @defeatingdisability