What’s the best creative place or thing to do in Bucks?  

What creative things do you enjoy?

What creative events or Arts & Culture would you like to see more of in Bucks?


We want to gather your ideas, opinions, and creations to get people talking and to inspire action, so you get to experience more things you enjoy and experience things you have not yet been able to!

 Show us/Tell Us

Use your phone, tablet or camera to take a picture or video and upload it below, remember to tell us a bit about it.

The pictures or videos could be of a cool bit of street art or a show you have seen, a gig you have been to or a place you have visited.

Message us with things you like to do, make, watch, learn, listen to, think about or something else.

Have you created something, a piece of art, a story, poem, song, or something else that you’d like to share with us?

At the bottom of this page, you will find some help understanding what Arts and Culture mean.



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    What does the term ‘arts’ mean?


    It means all creative activities including:
    visual art, graphic design, film, video, media, music, drama & theatre, dance and games
    What does the term ‘culture’ mean?


    Culture is a bit broader and places the arts amongst our Bucks environments, such as our:
    communities, museums, history and heritage


     Can you think of any other examples?