The Journey and Future Vision of Young Creative Bucks CEP – Dr Anahita Malek, Trustee & BNU Senior Lecturer – (Keynote Speech)

This keynote will tell the story of the Young Creative Bucks CEP. We’ll discuss our main goals, which focus on promoting creativity and supporting young talent in Buckinghamshire. We’ll also share our strategic plans for future projects, showing how we intend to increase our reach and impact. Come join us as we celebrate our successes and look forward to a future filled with creativity and community participation.

Keynote Speaker: Dr Anahita Malek

Dr. Anahita Malek is a Senior Lecturer and Education Advisor with a background in the creative industries. Her work involves research and practical applications aimed at enhancing collaboration between organisations and recent graduates. She employs social strategies and practical solutions to increase engagement and participation. Her contributions to the field include published articles and work with education organisations across three continents.


Twitter: @Anaaahita


Instagram: @Dr.anahita.malek